CD De Selena gomez Disappear

Posted on agosto 28, 2010


01. Head First
02. Brain Zapped
03. Cruella De Vil
04. New Classic (Feat. Drew Selley)
05. Magical
06. Send It On (Feat. Miley Cyrus,Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers)
07. Disappear
08. Everything Is Not As It Seems
09. One And The Same (With Demi Lovato)
10. Bang A Drum
11. Fly To Your Heart
12. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know [2008 Version]
13. Magic
14. Whoa Oh! (Feat. Forever The Sickest Kids)
15. Make It Happen (Feat. David Henrie) [Bonus Track]
16. Winter Wonderland [Bonus Track]
17. New Classic (Live Version) [Bonus Track]


Original de DisneychannelHDmusic